Our Heroes: Erika Hall

Erika Hall is a designer from San Francisco and co-founder of Mule Design. In 2013 she published her bestseller Just Enough Research, a guidebook in which she bundles lots of practical tips about including research throughout the design process. With her pragmatic approach she shows how even the toughest research critics can be converted into real believers by sharing insights with all stakeholders throughout the design process. In this interview we did for Shift ’20 we talk about integrating user research in the design process, ethical design and knowledge sharing. For Erika, doing user research is like a muscle we need to train. As designers we need to ask the hard questions, especially if nobody else will. Sharing that knowledge throughout an organisation is crucial to defend the user and their needs.

Interview with

Erika Hall
Co-founder Mule Design & author

Interviewed by

Peter Vermaercke
Digital Strategist