The Best Interface is No Interface

Golden Krishna

Expanded from one of the most shared design essays ever written, and one of the most popular talks at innovation conferences around the world, this entertaining and visionary book offers a compelling new way to see the future of technology. Digital interfaces today consume our lives. The average adult today spends over eight hours a day staring at a screen, and some apparent technological innovators are hoping for more. They’re making screens for your wrist, face, and car; and creating apps that try to get you addicted so they can boost their advertising revenue. Innovation has become Facebook updates inside cars, refrigerators that send tweets, and garbage cans that show us the current weather. There’s a better path. In this raw and delightful critique, learn the fascinating ways to think beyond screens using three principles that can lead us toward more meaningful innovation. Whether you’re working in the technology industry or just concerned about our technological future, you’ll find this insightful and creative book captivating.