This month we have selected 7 plugins that make you work faster in Figma. Organize your screens and components, fill mockups with real or realistic date or user the power of AI to create content or screenshots.


Create an automatic overview of all different versions of a component or screen. It will switch variants so you can quickly visualize what your component will look like.

You can also let it create different colored versions to try out multiple themes at once.

Try out Permute


Use real data in your Figma mockups and prototypes from an API or data sources like Google Sheets, JSON or Airtable.

Try out Kernel


Generate screenshots from a screen recording, just drop your recording into the plugin and your screenshots will be added in your Figma file.

Try out Literal


Let AI generate design content, like icons, images or copy.

Try out Magician


Use realistic test data like names, amounts, addresses, emails, error messages and more in your mockups.

Try out Lightning

Screens Organizer

Automatically organize your screens in sections based on your frame names.

Try out Screens Organizer


Select multiple layer with the same properties or values.

Try out Similayer